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Why Choose Guardian Fleet Solutions?

At Guardian Fleet Solutions, it’s our goal to make a positive difference in our customer’s fleet. Customers choose Guardian Fleet because they want to walk the journey with a partner that will be a good steward of their resources and drive results through carefully developed processes, tools, and people.

Guardian employs its Asset Life Cycle process to develop a plan to help customers create the right fleet and manage it in a way that reduces costs, increases productivity, provides meaningful information, and allows customers to focus on their core business.

Step 1: Fleet Planning Procurement Process

Fleet Planning

We will execute the Guardian Fleet process by collecting and analyzing the data collected, create a plan that focuses on work stream, focus area, and timing. From there we will determine an on-site or off-site service plan, and determine the metrics for service and the fleet

Acquisition of Assets

Guardian will look at the specifications and the quantity of assets you have in your fleet. We’ll select appropriate vendors for replacement equipment, if needed, and negotiate the best price and develop an asset delivery plan.


We’ll carefully analyze the lease and buy options of your current equipment and make recommendations on how outstanding leases should be handled to best optimize your fleet.

Service Suppliers

We’ll work directly with providers to negotiate labor rates, pricing, delivery time and details of your service plan.

Step 2: Economic Useful Life Cycle

Tracking Software

Guardian will create a hierarchy for whatever works best for your business needs – whether it be by location, department, or type. We will add all of your asset information to our software. We will then set up all users with log-in information and passwords, implement user training, establish reports to be used, define thresholds for repairs, replacements, avoidable damage, and more.

Maintenance and Repairs

A single source dispatching process with be put in place to help implement your preventive maintenance driven plan. Guardian will alert providers when the preventive maintenance is due and assist in determining when repairs need to be performed.

Managing Service Suppliers

Before a repair is made, we’ll review the service providers’ orders, conduct meetings with providers, look at service metrics, fleet metrics, and customer feedback.

Providing Fleet Reports and Analysis

Guardian will assign a designated analyst to analyze the data from your fleet and make recommendations. We will discuss findings with you and put together a plan that suits your business needs.

Managing Leases

As your partner, we will track the use of assets and compare that against your lease allowance to make sure you aren’t accruing overages. If needed we will recommend changes to minimize your lease expenses.

Step 3: Disposition of Assets

Providing Fleet Reports and Analysis

Guardian will work with you to determine the assets that need to be retired, replaced, retained, or rotated as well as the timeline for making those changes.


We will manage the conditional return of assets or implement an acquisition process for replacement assets.

Disposing of Assets

If needed, Guardian will prepare reports for assets in need of disposal. We’ll secure a sale value for the assets and then coordinate the transaction, movement, and purchase orders required to complete the sale.

Asset Life Cycle

3 Steps